Natalie Nicholles


Associate Director

[skype] + 44 (0) 207 820 6364

Since joining in 2009 Natalie has helped build NEF Consulting into a successful social business, achieving consistent year-on-year growth and doubling the size of a creative and passionate team.

Natalie specializes in strategy development and social impact frameworks across criminal justice, the women’s sector, international development and social businesses. She has led NEF Consulting’s work internationally, brokering partnerships in Australia, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa.

Natalie is passionate about the potential for new business models to drive a new economy that maximizes the wellbeing of society within environmental limits.

Prior to joining NEF Consulting Natalie was a business improvement manager at a FTSE 100 company, Wolseley Plc, in Europe and an enterprise project manager for a leprosy and tuberculosis charity, Damien Foundation, in Bangladesh.  Natalie is an accredited Social Return on Investment (SROI) practitioner, a member of the UK Council on SROI and a member of the international Methodology Sub-Committees for SROI. A registered Prince 2 and MSP practitioner in project and programme management, she holds a BA in Management with French from the University of Nottingham.

Natalie is the only member of NEF Consulting with exceptional fluency in both French and modern dance.

Natalie’s publications include Women’s Community Services: a wise commission, Counting on Uncertainty: The economic case for community-based adaptation in North-East Kenya and Smaller Slices of a Bigger Pie (a report that develops the methodology on understanding ‘attribution’ within a Social Return on Investment analysis).

Natalie is an accomplished and experienced public speaker, trainer and facilitator. Recent speaking events have included:

  • International Keynote Speaker on the role of social innovation in the new economy at SOCANZ 2013 – Innovation Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand’s National Social Innovation and Social Enterprise
  • Speaker on developing new economic models, analysing financial systems and advocating for sustainable business practices at Net Balance, Australia 2013: Preparing business for the new economy
  • Speaker on innovation in measuring what matters at Women’s Community Solutions – alternatives to custody, UK 2012
  • International Keynote Speaker on Demonstrating Value in the Community Sector at New Thinking for a New Decade, Community Sector Council, Canada, 2010


‘Women’s community services: a wise commission’ (2012) N Nicholles, S Whitehead, London: nef

‘Counting on uncertainty: The economic case for community based adaptation in North-East Kenya‘ (2012) Nicholles N, Vardakoulias O et al London: nef

‘Smaller Slices of a Bigger Pie‘ (2011) N Nicholles, S Steed, London: nef

Thought leadership

Discussion Paper: Value for Money (VfM) in International Development (September 2010)