About us

Excellence and sustainability for the new economy

Founded in 2008 and owned by New Economics Foundation ( NEF), NEF Consulting helps organisations in the transition to a new economy.

We enable the new economy to emerge and succeed by evidencing interlinkages between society, the environment and the economy. We build capacity of others to think in new ways, to realise the value of their contribution towards shaping the new economy.

We enable organisations to flourish in the new economy by cutting through complexity to highlight the relationships between social, economic and environmental factors and organisational performance. We help to strengthen organisational performance by integrating a true sense of value into decision-making.

We help organisations to think differently about environmental and social impact, or how they collaborate, interact and make decisions.

We take organisations beyond where they can go alone, unleashing the potential of their people and helping them to become ready for the future.

Organisations who work with us:

  • Develop an understanding of value for money that includes social and environmental outcomes alongside the economic costs and benefits.
  • Integrate social, economic and environmental measurement into their culture to support the long-term sustainability of their activities and investments.
  • Prove the value and improve the effectiveness of what they do.
  • Understand and manage their impact on their own employees and on local and global communities.

We are experts in Social Return On Investment (SROI) analysis and using wellbeing measurement in impact assessment.

New Economics Foundation

New Economics Foundation is the award winning think-and-do tank with a twenty-year history as an innovator in social, environmental and economic impact measurement and analysis.

NEF Consulting draws on the Foundation’s tested research, specific instruments and influential personnel. We integrate wellbeing measurement and social valuation into the realm of cost-benefit analysis and hard economic evaluation.

NEF Consulting adapts the Foundation’s ideas, and applies innovative approaches to help a range of public, private and third sector organisations develop better outcomes metrics and make better decisions.

We are experts in Social Return On Investment (SROI) analysis and using wellbeing measurement in impact assessment.